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Boris Bozic

3d Modelling // 04 April, 2011 01:58

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This week we highlight a few images from Boris Bozic from Croatia. We like the images with that hazy feeling and sensation of a sunny day. We also think that the textures are well made and that the composition represents the buildings and spaces well. We hope that Boris will upload more images we can look at and he might even blog a bit about himself and his work.

We also hope to hear a little bit about his hometown Zadar located right at the Croatian coast. As far as we know the Croatian coast is a superb place to be during the summer.

boris 19 April, 2011 04:14


Dallas 18 April, 2011 04:30

Yepp i think they look great....

Dorrny 15 April, 2011 01:48

But you do really good work.....I like the images a

boris 14 April, 2011 05:26

Hi, thanks for highlighting my latest project at
your site. I was pleasantly surprised :-)

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