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David Garret Store

3d Modelling // 30 March, 2011 02:13

Tags // Interior Design, Store

Posted By // Camila Gomez

The concept for the David Garrett store comes from the contrast in his music. He plays contemporary music with classical instruments. This is reflected through colors, shapes and textures.

Dallas 18 April, 2011 04:32

They look cool. But as Dorrny aked have any of them
been built?? I love to see some images.

Camila 06 April, 2011 04:41

Hi, I'm an Interior Designer, but I've been working
a lot in visualization, most part of the projects
that are in my blog are my design or my
visualization, in my blog you
can find some pictures of some interior design
intervention, hope to upload some "real"
work soon...

Dorrny 06 April, 2011 11:42

Nice, but what do you do? Work as an architect or as
an interior designer??? Has anything been built? I
would love to see some photos of your work as well.

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