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3ds Max 2012 Now Available

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3ds Max 2012 is here!

Start your downloads, the release is now available to Subscription customers. If you don't know where to start, try to figure out who your subscription administrator is as you'll need to know this to login. Physical copies will start shipping April 8th to those that are getting boxes.

Beta Survey

Every release we ask our beta users what they think of the release. Here’s what 180 of them told us:

Overall stability:

We fixed about 400 legacy bugs (bugs that existed in 2011 or before). This was higher than we’ve done in previous releases. 92% of people felt the stability was average or above. 41% thought the stability was better or much better than other releases. Only 6% thought it was worse than prior releases.

Viewport responsiveness and performance:

If you look at the community survey we did, this was the number one feature people wanted to see improvements. Luckily, the release delivers for most people. 87% felt it was average or above and 62% felt it was better than prior releases. 12% felt it was worse – which is interesting because this feature had the most positives and the most negatives. There are situations where Nitrous shows some issues on some hardware – we’re aware of these and we are very busy with continuing to fix issues as we discover them. Nitrous is getting a lot of attention from us and we know how important it is to get everything to work as expected.


General application performance:

With the new Nitrous multi-threading architecture, various things are now feeling a little more “snappy” and this shows in the survey results where 93% thought it was average or above and 59% thought it was better than previous releases.

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