• Introduction

  • Cadlicious is the new one stop web site for CG architecture professionals, where you can network, learn, get inspired, you can find work, get work done, sell your products and find the latest news and events in the CG architecture world.   It's free to get a basic profile so sign up now, and start building your online showcase.  You can also upgrade your profile to one of our premium memberships to get many advanced features and offers.
  • What is Cadlicious? 

    meet contemporaries and clients.

    sell your digital assets

    keep in touch with what is going on in the Cad world

    Why did we make Cadlicious? 

    There were some good sites to get the latest architecture and cad news, sell your digital assets, look for jobs, display your work, but they were all different sites, with nothing tying them together, so it took time to go through and log onto all the sites, and the information you submitted in one of the sites had nothing to do with the other sites so gained you very little. We also felt that there were tools missing from websites that we would like to see, like a dedicated CG architecture freelancing site, where clients could go to find good freelancers and freelancers and companies could go to seek new work. Also missing was a way of keeping in touch and networking with contemporaries and clients dedicated in your field, not general business or social networking.

    With this in mind, what we have done is to create a true professional networking tool, where you can log onto daily to keep you up to date with with what is going on in the architecture and cg world and meet and correspond with contemporaries and clients, look for new work, show your work and sell your work. By integrating all these features on one site, the information you upload can help you build up and online presence, so for instance if a client is looking for a new provider of visualisation, he can browse your work, look at reviews of your past work, see how long you have been active on the website. Also as architects we felt that there was no site that combined the art form with the technology of computer graphics, so we hope that it is a place where you can also come to see the latest architecture and design, not just the best renderings around.

    The Sections explained

    Home - An introduction to the site, and all the latest uploads and posts.

    Profiles - If you are looking for people and companies this is where to go, you can filter out profiles and sort them to find exactly what who you are looking for.

    Forums - A great place to discuss everything Cadlicious.

    News - Find the latest news and post your own news.

    Events - Find all the latest events and exhibitions, also post your events.

    Competitions - We will be posting competions here.

    Gallery - Where you can find all the best uploaded images from around the world.

    Projects - This is the freelancing part of the site, where you can look for work, and find work, you can also manage your documents and projects online by setting up staged payments throught the project.

    Blogs - You can post your latest thoughts and also tutorials and find out what everyone else is upto also.

    Jobs - This is the part of the site for looking for staff or a permanant job.

    Shop - This is the main Cadlicious shop where you can sell your digital assets, and of course buy digital assets.

    Who We are

  • Cadlicious is run by Gray Lindström who started life in 2003 as a Architectural Marketing company based initially in Copenhagen, then expanding with offices in London and Belfast. We took the decision to change direction in 2007 and have spent the bulk of our time developing Cadlicious since then.
  • The Partners
  • Allan Gray
  • Pär Lindström